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Extensions & Conversions

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Our vast experience in offering personalised construction and design services across a range of loft conversions, roofs, single and double-storey extensions enable Green Building London to constantly provide our customers with high-quality services tailored to meet their property needs.
Our goal is to design and build beautiful and fit-for-purpose extensions and loft conversions for homeowners and residential and commercial developers that allow our customers to see the full potential of a property both in terms of space and value.

Home Extensions

We have a team of highly skilled builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and architects that can handle your whole project from design process and management to construction and quality control. This means all the services we provide are of high-end and done within the shortest time possible. The result is efficiency and a visually-pleasing finish that meets building regulation standards.

We build different types of extensions, which include roofs, single and double-storey extensions, lofts, new bathrooms and kitchens and everything in between. A double-storey extension is a great choice for those willing to maximise space in their homes. Double-storey and single-storey extensions are feasible in most semi-detached and detached houses.

A single-storey extension provides a simple way of creating an extra living space and allows you to expand that small kitchen into a living space or a kitchen dining. Building a single-storey extension offers a perfect opportunity of getting more natural light into the interiors. Just like double-storey extensions, they are a better alternative when compared to moving to a new house as you will save a lot of money.

We also provide sustainable roof extensions services that have a range of benefits including reducing quantity and pollutant levels of runoff, heat reduction, and energy conservation. Our roof extensions are built to manage heavy storms and will last a lifetime.

Home Extensions

Moreover, a loft conversion can decrease the heating bills to around 20 per cent.  We carry out loft conversions and give advice at no obligation.

With our team of professionals in their respective fields, and our many years of experience, you can rest assured that your loft conversion will be done by a team of experts who strive to provide high-end services. And unconverted loft space is an underutilised space in your home, but Green Building London can help you to transform it into an office, study room, bedroom, or a hideaway retreat that makes your home more attractive.

We provide loft conversion services that start from design to build and finish, which includes planning, structure, heating, plastering, plumbing, woodwork, electrical work, insulation, stairs, building regulations, interior design, and lighting design. If you prefer doing some of these elements by yourself, we can guide you.

Some of the benefits associated with our loft conversions include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Creation of more space
  • Reduction of wastage of during construction
  • Saving money on utility bills

We’ll also build your loft conversion with environmentally friendly materials that reduce carbon footprint and energy bills. With Green Building London, you don’t have to choose between having a well-design loft and saving the planet. Our experts can transform the loft conversion to be one of the most carbon-friendly and stylish investments you make to your property.