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Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance

The saying that a stitch in time saves nine also applies to a property: natural wear and tear can end up costing a homeowner dearly if left unattended for too long. That’s why we provide our building maintenance services to be flexible and varied, covering everything from plumbing and electrical repairs to maintenance of a building’s structures, walls and foundations. We’re usually able to respond to a wide variety of building requirements to restore and maintain your property at a standard that is safe, comfortable and in line with today’s building requirements. We offer an eco-friendly service that’s clean and efficient.

Plumbing maintenance

Broken, worn or old pipes and plumbing systems can end up costing you in energy consumption as well as damage to your property due to leaks and inadequate drainage. Repairs and replacements may cost money in the short term but will save you money overall.

Green Building London offers solutions to help you maintain or even increase the value of your property, for instance, the repair or replacement of fixtures in bathrooms and shower areas. You may also want to upgrade your current system by installing a rainwater tank, which can save a lot of water from your roof plumbing system. You can use the water harvested to water your garden.

There is no limit to the environmentally friendly plumbing modifications you can make, from repairing or maintaining your taps, showerheads, or toilets to replacing inadequate insulation materials to make your home run more economically. A solar hot water system and smart irrigation are also common modifications for a lot of households but might incur more money.

Our plumbing maintenance solutions help you save money because the water bill will be reduced. Moreover, if the water system needs electricity or gas connections, such as irrigation or hot water pumps, you will save a significant amount of money on these utilities.

You can rest assured that we have the years of expertise and experience to handle all your plumbing maintenance needs.

Electrical maintenance

As well as providing new electrical installations as part of our building extensions, loft conversions, kitchen and bathroom installations and patios and driveways, Green Building London helps maintain the existing electrical standards of your property.

It is crucial to carry out electrical maintenance regularly. This involves maintaining a property’s fittings, devices, and applications so that they run smoothly while providing a safe environment free from potential hazards.

Worn, inadequately fitted or neglected wiring can, at best, cost you in energy consumption and, at worst, in property damage. This makes electrical maintenance one of the sure and vital steps towards making a household safe. Green Building London can carry out regular checks on the electrical installation in a house to ensure total safety.

When it comes to electrical maintenance, we cover all aspects of fixing, monitoring, testing, and replacing elements of your entire electrical system. For example, our electrical engineers can help you identify energy-consuming issues in your house and recommend energy-efficient modifications, like using censors, LED lights or smart systems that are more efficient.